Welcome to our potential puppy people page :) If you are visiting this page, thank you for your recent inquiry about owning a LastCall puppy. 

Please know that even if you do not end up with one of our puppies (whether by your choice or mine) my hope for you and your new dog is for many years of successful and mutually beneficial companionship. 

Things you must know about me/mydogs: All of my puppies bred by myself (and/or a co-owner) are the end product of many years of education, dedication and participation in the dog world. All puppies are the cummulative sum total of my experiences in the dog world for the last 20 years. Every single moment that I spend with puppies is spent providing, teaching or interacting with them in a way that will make your relationship BETTER. 
Why choose you?
You may feel that your first conversations with me feel like an interview. I'm not so sorry about that. 
For every genuine, lovely email or phone call I receive about an interest in puppies, I have already received 20 that say "I want a puppy. How much?"
Since it is my job (which I take very seriously) to choose the homes for each puppy born into my hands, I need to know that you are a perfect fit. If I don't get a good feeling about you, chances are you wouldn't be on this page. 
Why choose me?
I am a breeder. What does that mean to me? It means that my #1 job is to ensure that I have done the very best that I possibly could to provide you with a dog who is sound in mind, body and temperament. I have taken the time and money to perform essential genetic testing and preventative testing. I like sleeping at night. I could not reliably fall asleep if I was worried that your puppy could have a genetic disorder that may hamper your relationship. At the end of the day, if something should happen, I want to be able to look you in the eye and tell you that I honestly did the best I could. And I will grieve any issues that may arise. Mother nature is still so cruel. 
Being a breeder means loving each puppy I create from before the moment they are conceived, at the time of birth and eyes opening. From weaning to going off to his or her new home. From the first birthday to the fifteenth. When our puppy inevitably passes away from old age, know that I will cry with you. (I'll probably cry when you take your puppy home, too.) I am your family for the life of your dog and I encourage you to reach out to me should you need me. My heart breaks when I don't hear from you for years on end, not knowing what came of my puppy. Please keep in touch. 
What I require of you as a puppy buyer. These items are for the most part non-negotiable.
1) All LastCall puppies must live in the house. Be house dogs and members of your family. I do not raise puppies to be yard ornaments or to protect your garage. I raise companions. Your dog will be much happier in your home. Period. You don't believe a hunting dog can be a house pet? Sorry, a LastCall puppy is not for you.
2) All LastCall puppies must take a weekly obedience class until 12 months of age. (Or longer). Yes this is a big commitment. And by class, I mean a real class. Not Petsmart. If you are unsure of local classes that fit the bill, ask. These classes will help solidify the bond between you and your puppy. They will teach a puppy to respond to you in a way that promotes your relationship. These classes will help with socialization. You've had dogs before and believe you don't need obedience classes - I'm sorry, a LastCall puppy is not for you.
3) All LastCall puppies who cannot be kept by the original purchaser MUST BE RETURNED TO THE BREEDER. This statement is what makes me a responsible breeder. I alone am responsible for your puppy for the entire life of your pet. No LastCall bred dog should ever, ever end up in a shelter or rescue. Please allow me to be a reputable, responsible person. If you believe that once you've paid for a puppy that you get to decide what is best, I'm sorry, a LastCall puppy is not for you. 
4) All LastCall puppies must be spayed or neutered (unless discussed and agreed upon) and are sold on CKC Limited Registration. I.e. the puppy will never be bred from. A dog on limited registration can compete in all realms of the dog fancy, they simply cannot be bred from. All LastCall males must be +18 months old before they are neutered. All LastCall female puppies must have completed one season or heat before they are spayed. My bitches generally come into season at one year old, which means that spaying will not be completed before 15 months old. (All females are different). The reasons behind this are plentiful and if you should like you may find this article to be helpful to you in understanding. If you would allow your veterinarian to convince you to spay or neuter your dog before the allotted time period (trust me, they will try!), I'm sorry, a LastCall puppy is not for you. Likewise, if you feel you should be allowed to have a litter out of your dog, I'm sorry, a LastCall puppy is not for you. 
What I provide to you as a breeder:
A lifetime of learning and support. A puppy with superior conformation, temperament and health. My goal is to provide you the ultimate companion for your family. I breed exceptionally sparingly. My last litter was in July 2008. My dogs are my pets first and foremost, and competition, trial dogs secondly.
From the moment puppies are born, they are viewable on a live stream camera for you and your family to enjoy. They are provided age appropriate diet, stimulation and exercise. Puppy visitation is held weekly on Saturday from 1-4pm, please feel free to bring the entire family, grandparents, children etc. If you are watching the cam from afar when puppy visits are occuring, you will see that they are thoroughly socialized. 
I only breed to keep a puppy for myself. Having puppies is not a money making endeavor (more like a money losing endeavor!) and I will be happy to provide you with the costs incurred in creating this litter of puppies. That said, a LastCall puppy is $1200 for male or female puppies, black or liver. I am happy to ship puppies from Detroit Metro aiprort. All provisions for shipping are left to you the purchaser.
You will more than likely not know which puppy is your puppy until I have chosen mine, and the stud dog owner has chosen theirs. I retain the final approval for whether a puppy is a good fit for your expectations. I know them best. I have spent 8-9 weeks with them. 
Since I am keeping a puppy and do not know which is mine, all LastCall puppies are provided the same experiences, genetic health and well balanced nutrition. 
Did I scare you off? If not, please call me and be prepared to talk for about a half of an hour. I work Monday through Friday from 9am until 5 pm EST. (226) 260-0206. 
I DO NOT REQUIRE DEPOSITS UNTIL PUPPIES ARE ON THE GROUND. Deposits are always refundable. If you decide at any time that a LastCall puppy is not for your and your family, I do not want you taking one so you don't lose $300. 

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